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cydia star wars commander hack

Tatooine: As a smuggler we come into conflict with Jabba the Hutt. Presumably, the story would have ended here fast, powerful patrons would not suddenly compete for our favors. None other than Darth Vader and Princess Leia contact us. By hologram and transferred us to lead a small force to join us the correct fraction
So much attention statesmanship should make us suspicious already, why should we send in a matter of seconds AT-STs and Han Solo in the battle, if we are an insignificant nobody? The answer is us soon clear: Free2Play game Star Wars: Commander wants our money - and will soon greedier than the entire population Nal Huttas.
Credit hunters and gatherers metal
Star Wars: Commander receives us after the usual scrolling text wall intro on the 2D overview map of our base we - develop in the course of the game - as in the example Clash of Clans. In the course of a short tutorial we will learn the first steps of the base construction, placing credit and metal-producing buildings and learn how to deal with the real money resource, we diligently shorten the construction time or buy more Baudroiden.
Star Wars: Commander - Screenshots
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Star Wars: Commander
Keeping Up Appearances: When the game starts, we are baited with familiar characters like Han Solo.
Money and metal we get in four ways: Either we wait, play the campaign, attacking players of the opposite faction - or we'll buy us real money currency. Especially later in the game the tough progression should encourage them to purchase one or the other - non-payers are therefore looking only periodically into play again to return it after a few actions the back.
From cross-country skiers and wall sprinklers

After the brief introduction and two sample battles for empire as rebels we have to decide: do we want to fight for the better-equipped Imperial or better yet hit on the side of Leia Organa and Han Solo? The decision is, once like, no longer reversible - who felt remorse after the election, you must delete his game.
The decision is not so weighty: Mission Design and principals are so generic that we notice a difference only in building design and units: So the rebels have already start the game with the possibility of heroes such as Han recruit who assist us in battle, but they can not fall back as the Empire directly on armored vehicles.

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However, the units are waiting to be recruited before slaughter, which is associated with queues and credit costs. Ugly detail on the edge: Just like in Dungeon Keeper are consumed in emissions units used - so artificial latency and resource consumption are generated.
Star Wars: Commander: Our units we use touch of a finger, then they act independently according to their given preference. But usually it ends in an uncharacteristic Star Wars bustle.
Our units we use touch of a finger, then they act independently according to their given preference. But usually it ends in an uncharacteristic Star Wars bustle.
In general, the gameplay of both Free2Play title is almost identical: If it comes to offensive against enemy bases, we put our troops from tip of your finger and hope that this act independently meaningful. Although all the troops have certain AI requirements (resources building, defense towers), but this only leads to more confusion: Speeder dash through hordes of infantry, shooting at them, tank driving around in the slalom around the building. The biggest challenge form walls: Just like infantry shoots under enemy fire prefer to masonry, but to defend themselves.

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