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Clash of Clans Cheats and Hack

Clans of CLans Cheats

This is the studio Geek me 5 which thus appeal to crowdfunding to bring Fire Quest, an inspirational game Jurrasic Punk as they say in which people and animals from prehistory are growing their tribe then farting all through weapons totally anachronistic. While the fun is at the heart of the project, the title is also meant deeper and community. In addition to raising funds, but also to bring together a first circle of fans that crowdfunding was considered particularly suitable for Fire Quest.

Innovations that are missing from Clash of Clans
In terms of gameplay, this is a strategic game of construction and destruction for touch supports iOS and Android. It should be noted, among other features, the presence of Titans, very powerful creatures which it will be possible to take control, certainly in a very peaceful purposes. The ambition is to release the game in April 2015 and to prove we can do better and that Clash of Clans, a good title to the base, but suffers from a lack of innovation since its launch.

Open since 3 December, Kickstarter has so far raised nearly $ 40 000 to a target of 400,000 to be achieved by January 11, 2015. To find out more and support this project if you want, you will find here a link to the Kickstarter.
    Fire Quest is a mobile game that seeks to fund particular via Kickstarter to go shake Clash of Clans.
    Let's talk a little game on mobile? Yes, this media is a growing part of the players and the game we noticed that a French team launched through Kickstarter. This is Fire Quest, a builder who wants to come tickle Clash of Clans installed on his tax mountains.

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