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Fifa 15

For the first time after several seasons of football duel virtual level is more even than ever. After years away from the required levels of demand, the "Pro Evolution Soccer" This season has complied with the demand of the community and has managed to polish their defects to ensure a sensational game, with a higher rate simulation and addictive gameplay .

The king on consoles sport has been a winner in recent times the Fifa series. The delivery of this year, "Fifa 15" has maintained the essence and printed in a fast pace to the plays, more arcade than his main rival in this genre of high profile in the community "gamer". But Konami, thanks to the "Pro Evolution Soccer 15" has become a strong and get the height of the first deliveries. Now, more than ever, the rivalry is like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Fifa 15 ultimate team points

One of the most notable differences between the two games fall, certainly in the graphic. While the title of Electronic Arts has opted again for greater realism, in which the faces and bodies very well made are perceived, this time "PES 15 'has endeavored to improve the technical and mechanical, although it noted an increase in the level of detail of the players.

But things change when we went to the behavior of the players and the environment. "Fifa 15" ensures that the porters are very friendly artificial intelligence that gets to perceive their emotions, as happens in the stands. Fans, songs and animations are unparalleled. Here wins by a landslide.

In the face to face, there are sections in which rival force. The feeling in the field is similar, but differs in detail. Maybe the series Fifa Soccer Players have a behavior, a priori, more natural, but the game system reduces its performance compared to PES 15.

Fifa 15 "which makes every game

Touches the ball, passing, triangulations and counter simulate a real game, even with its cadence and slow movements. Individuals are very different in both games. Cristiano Ronaldo is a deer, we know. But it has also suffered downturns in performance throughout the game and is not a superman, an aspect that reflects well on screen. For this reason, the "PES 15 'has been stepping up and has taken a big step in this regard, to be valued positively, of course beats" Fifa 15 "which makes every game in nearly a correcalles of players to be faster.

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The tactical modifications and changes the system of team play are in "PES 15 'a great ally. The technical drawing influences the definition and the chances, much less possible that "Fifa 15" which seems to try a roller outperforms rivals. And no. Here the struggle gives the winner the development of EA against Konami. Deep passes, airdrops, disputes melee and definition of the goal (allows even hitting the outside of the foot) are better suited in the case of the former, for example. In short, this season is very tight and we might be faced with a clear technical tie where everyone shines in a given area.

Clash of Clans Cheats and Hack

Clans of CLans Cheats

This is the studio Geek me 5 which thus appeal to crowdfunding to bring Fire Quest, an inspirational game Jurrasic Punk as they say in which people and animals from prehistory are growing their tribe then farting all through weapons totally anachronistic. While the fun is at the heart of the project, the title is also meant deeper and community. In addition to raising funds, but also to bring together a first circle of fans that crowdfunding was considered particularly suitable for Fire Quest.

Innovations that are missing from Clash of Clans
In terms of gameplay, this is a strategic game of construction and destruction for touch supports iOS and Android. It should be noted, among other features, the presence of Titans, very powerful creatures which it will be possible to take control, certainly in a very peaceful purposes. The ambition is to release the game in April 2015 and to prove we can do better and that Clash of Clans, a good title to the base, but suffers from a lack of innovation since its launch.

Open since 3 December, Kickstarter has so far raised nearly $ 40 000 to a target of 400,000 to be achieved by January 11, 2015. To find out more and support this project if you want, you will find here a link to the Kickstarter.
    Fire Quest is a mobile game that seeks to fund particular via Kickstarter to go shake Clash of Clans.
    Let's talk a little game on mobile? Yes, this media is a growing part of the players and the game we noticed that a French team launched through Kickstarter. This is Fire Quest, a builder who wants to come tickle Clash of Clans installed on his tax mountains.

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cydia star wars commander hack

Tatooine: As a smuggler we come into conflict with Jabba the Hutt. Presumably, the story would have ended here fast, powerful patrons would not suddenly compete for our favors. None other than Darth Vader and Princess Leia contact us. By hologram and transferred us to lead a small force to join us the correct fraction
So much attention statesmanship should make us suspicious already, why should we send in a matter of seconds AT-STs and Han Solo in the battle, if we are an insignificant nobody? The answer is us soon clear: Free2Play game Star Wars: Commander wants our money - and will soon greedier than the entire population Nal Huttas.
Credit hunters and gatherers metal
Star Wars: Commander receives us after the usual scrolling text wall intro on the 2D overview map of our base we - develop in the course of the game - as in the example Clash of Clans. In the course of a short tutorial we will learn the first steps of the base construction, placing credit and metal-producing buildings and learn how to deal with the real money resource, we diligently shorten the construction time or buy more Baudroiden.
Star Wars: Commander - Screenshots
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Star Wars: Commander
Keeping Up Appearances: When the game starts, we are baited with familiar characters like Han Solo.
Money and metal we get in four ways: Either we wait, play the campaign, attacking players of the opposite faction - or we'll buy us real money currency. Especially later in the game the tough progression should encourage them to purchase one or the other - non-payers are therefore looking only periodically into play again to return it after a few actions the back.
From cross-country skiers and wall sprinklers

After the brief introduction and two sample battles for empire as rebels we have to decide: do we want to fight for the better-equipped Imperial or better yet hit on the side of Leia Organa and Han Solo? The decision is, once like, no longer reversible - who felt remorse after the election, you must delete his game.
The decision is not so weighty: Mission Design and principals are so generic that we notice a difference only in building design and units: So the rebels have already start the game with the possibility of heroes such as Han recruit who assist us in battle, but they can not fall back as the Empire directly on armored vehicles.

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However, the units are waiting to be recruited before slaughter, which is associated with queues and credit costs. Ugly detail on the edge: Just like in Dungeon Keeper are consumed in emissions units used - so artificial latency and resource consumption are generated.
Star Wars: Commander: Our units we use touch of a finger, then they act independently according to their given preference. But usually it ends in an uncharacteristic Star Wars bustle.
Our units we use touch of a finger, then they act independently according to their given preference. But usually it ends in an uncharacteristic Star Wars bustle.
In general, the gameplay of both Free2Play title is almost identical: If it comes to offensive against enemy bases, we put our troops from tip of your finger and hope that this act independently meaningful. Although all the troops have certain AI requirements (resources building, defense towers), but this only leads to more confusion: Speeder dash through hordes of infantry, shooting at them, tank driving around in the slalom around the building. The biggest challenge form walls: Just like infantry shoots under enemy fire prefer to masonry, but to defend themselves.